Making it Work

It’s traditional in my house to sew new pajama pants every December 24th. Generally speaking, I have a small number of go-to patterns on hand for this sort of basic, repeat-able project. Today, however, my gender-neutral pajama pattern was nowhere to be found. The solution: I combined a junior’s pattern (McCall’s 3432) with a men’s costume pants pattern (Simplicity 5925), and voilà, a working pattern. I needed a pattern to fit a body with the same hip and inseam as the junior’s McCall’s pattern, but with the same waist and ease as the Simplicity costume pants pattern. Perhaps not the most intuitive of pairings, but it worked.

two patterns.jpg

Pro tip #1: The first time you use a sewing pattern, plan ahead to be able to re-use it for multiple sizes. When you cut it out, cut into the curves where the size lines are parallel (shown below), and fold them under the pattern before you cut. A little transparent tape to reinforce it wouldn’t go amiss, either.

pattern 1.jpg
patttern 2.jpg

Pro tip #2: If you are combining two patterns, like I did, line up the crotchlines, not the tops of the waist seams.

patterns combined.jpg